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"The following notice should be displayed prominently within the application: “This product uses data provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) but is not endorsed or certified by NIST.” The NIST SRD number must also be displayed prominently in the application. Use of the NIST or Department of Commerce logos is prohibited."
- "displayed prominently" - like included in the Information page?
- Can you elaborate on NIST SRD number display? you mean within the data presentation?
- I understand logos are not allowed. Can I use NIST in the app name and description?


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    Thank you for the questions! Here are some responses:
    1. There is not a specific rule for where you must place the notice, but I suggest that you select a visible and logical location. The information page, as you suggest, would likely be a good place.
    2. It's important that the SRD number be displayed, so that anyone using your App knows where the data came from. You can use your own discretion, but try to place the SRD number so that a user of your App would know this info without having to dig around for it. As we mentioned in the webinar yesterday, a good practice would be to also cite the version of the SRD, if there is one for the dataset you are using.
    3. You're correct, the logo is prohibited. The NIST logo is, for example, what you can see on the right side of the banner for the Reference Data Challenge website. Because this is your App and not "NIST's" app, I suggest that you be thoughtful when naming your app. For example, "Tom's cool App using NIST data" (probably OK) versus "NIST app" (probably not OK - it could be a little confusing, since you will also have the statement about how NIST does not endorse or certify the app).

    Does this help? I hope so! If not please post a new comment!

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    what about Powered by NIST data in the description?

    this is common practice like Powered by Google etc. Users understand it.

  • Manager   •   over 8 years ago

    Good point Tom. We will look into that - especially as we grow the types of applications that use NIST data!

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