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Title Of App

"Use of the NIST or Department of Commerce logos is prohibited."
"You agree that nothing in this Notice grants you a right or license to use any names or logos of NIST or the Department of Commerce, or any other intellectual property or proprietary rights of NIST or the Department of Commerce. "

I would like to name my app "NistPocket"; its one word. Would this be a legal and an eligible name? I will not be using any NIST logos or references. Thank you!

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  • Manager   •   about 8 years ago

    Hi Vernes,

    I'd advise against using NIST in the title of your app. As you quoted in your comment above, the rules state that NIST is not granting you a license to use our name. I'd recommend a more descriptive title, perhaps one that explains the kind of data that your app uses? Good luck and I appreciate the question.

    DO be sure that you include this information though:
    -“This product uses data provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) but is not endorsed or certified by NIST.”
    -The NIST SRD number must also be displayed prominently in the application.

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