•   over 7 years ago

Using Open Source Code

Hi Heather! Sorry to bombard you with so many questions. I always like to play safe.
My question this time is are we allowed to use other open source libraries? Here is one arbitrary example: https://github.com/futuresimple/android-floating-action-button/blob/master/README.md

Most open source libraries have an apache 2.0 license which basically means that they are free to use as we wish as long as I include somewhere in the app a reference to them. Most often the attribution is found in an About page or Licenses settings page. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!


  • Manager   •   over 7 years ago

    Hi there, it sounds like you would meet the criteria in our rules, since you have permission to use it if you provide adequate acknowledgements. Take a look at the Warranties section in our Rules to be familiar with our requirements on this. Let me know if you still have questions!

  •   •   over 7 years ago

    Wonderful, thank you! In the case that I use it, I will make sure to include attribution.

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