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Confusing Title

Hi. I have a question regarding the SRD-60 dataset.

On the website(http://srdata.nist.gov/its90/menu/menu.html), when viewing the Inverse Coefficient tables, some have the title of "Type B Thermocouples Coefficients in mV" whereas other Inverse Coefficient Tables are labeled "Type T Thermocouples Coefficients of Approximate Inverse Functions in mV".

Is this an error? Are all of them supposed to include "of Approximate Inverse Functions in mV"? Because a few of them do not mention it. Instead they are labeled only as "Coefficients in mV".

Thank you.

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    Yes the B, E, J. K, N headings for the table appear to be missing the "of Approximate Inverse Functions". If you look at the heading for the page it does however say "Type B Thermocouples -- coefficients of approximate inverse function". You should probably not be using these html tables to construct the app, but the coefficients in the JSON files (or the text file versions, which are the master versions).

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