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almost 8 years ago

Down to the wire- don't forget!

Hi everyone, we're down to the wire now! Just a few critical reminders for everyone: 

DO - make sure to include a video, screenshot image, text description (250 words), and a link to your app in an appstore/test build or the .apk file itself. If your iOS app is NOT in the Apple Store, you can use a few different methods including Diawi, HockyApp, or Test Flight (the last site can take time to process - if you're working down to the wire you might want to use one of the first two). 

DO - include this: “This product uses data provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) but is not endorsed or certified by NIST.” The NIST SRD number must also be displayed prominently in the application.

DO NOT - use the NIST logo (this is the snake-shaped "NIST" on the right side of the banner on the challenge website) or the Department of Commerce logo. Using these logos is prohibited. It will make your submission ineligible for a prize. 

Good luck! Get your entry in before 5:00 PM ET Today! 


Heather, Challenge Manager